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Elevate your office space with modern glass doors

We provide stylish and functional glass office doors and glass partitions, elevating workspace aesthetics and creating a sleek, transparent atmosphere.

What we offer

Glass Partitions & Glass Office Walls

INN Office Glass Doors specializes in creating modern, inspiring work zones with glass office doors Chicago produced. Whether you need a single glass partition wall or a complete layout with customizable options, we can help you design separate working areas, private meeting rooms, and spacious conference rooms.

Maximize space with glass office doors
Our slimline glass room dividers and full-height glass panels maximize floor space and allow natural light to flow seamlessly through your office glass partition. Unlike solid walls, our glass room dividers create an open and spacious atmosphere.

Easy maintenance of glass partitions
Enjoy the convenience of quick and clean installation, minimal maintenance, affordability, and complete relocatability with our glass partitions Chicago made. Choose INN Office Glass Doors for hassle-free solutions that enhance your workspace.

Our Commitment
At INN Office Glass Doors, our dedicated teams are committed to delivering the highest quality finish on every glass office doors Chicago project. We take pride in our excellent reputation within the glass office doors industry, which we have built and maintained over the years.
For your peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive 12-month guarantee on all our products and services. Rest assured that our installations of glass office doors Chicago produced and glass office wall set adhere to the highest industry standards.
Setting ourselves apart, we have designed, manufactured, and tested our own glazing systems. Unlike others, we don't settle for the most economical options available. We prioritize high quality and ensure our office glass room dividers Chicago designed and systems meet the highest standards.
Design Assistance
Our friendly design team, experienced in glass partitions, is ready to assist you with your project. Whether you need guidance or multiple design options, simply share your requirements, and we'll take care of the rest. Trust INN Office Glass Doors for exceptional glass office doors Chicago made.

Glass Office Doors Possibilities

Single Glazed Partitioning
Cost-effective office division with floor-to-ceiling glass room dividers, ensuring uninterrupted natural light flow. Standard toughened safety glass minimizes noise (Rw33dB), while acoustic options achieve even greater sound reduction (Rw38dB or up to an industry-leading Rw51dB).
Double Glazed Partitioning
Prioritize acoustic performance with double-glazed glass partitions. Invest in privacy with Rw37dB (10mm & 12mm toughened glass) or impressive Rw51dB using acoustic laminated glass. Slimline glass divider wall maintain modern aesthetics, providing a premium noise-canceling solution.
Banded Glazed Partitioning
Trendy industrial-style option with single or double-glazed banded screens. Customize your pattern of horizontal and vertical bands using our extruded 6mm flat bar. For double-glazed partitions, our bespoke box-section aluminum frames create a framed module glass door partition effect.
Seamless frameless glass office doors for a sleek look, or opt for framed glass doors for better acoustics. Our doors feature specialist toughened safety glass, slimline aluminum frames, 600mm pull handles, self-closing pivots, and various ironmongery options. Sliding and acoustic double-glazed doors are also available.
Comply with regulations using DDA-compliant manifestations on glass partitions and doors. Choose from double rows of 50mm dots, squares, or strips. Additionally, we can create custom manifestations, incorporating your company logo or design preferences. Let us bring your ideas to life.
Acoustic Glazed Partitioning
Enhance focus, productivity, and privacy with acoustic glazed glass office doors. Standard single-glazed achieves Rw38dB, while industry-leading Rw51dB is available with double-glazed partitions. Create a quieter and more confidential workplace environment.

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Testimonials - What People Say About Us

I'm thrilled with our new glass partitions. They added instant sophistication. Transparency encourages transparency in communication too! An elegant solution for space management without compromising on aesthetics.
Brian D.
Since we installed glass office partitions, productivity has soared. The clear view fosters team spirit, while still offering individual spaces. Their noise-reducing feature is an added bonus. A perfect blend of form and function, striking the balance between openness and privacy! I highly recommend!
Damien P.
Their glass partitions added a sleek, modern vibe to our office space. They enhanced natural light flow and promoted an open, collaborative environment. Highly recommended
Kayla S.